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Walters Bank & Trust Customer Awareness Program

Fraudsters have continued to develop and deploy more sophisticated, effective, and malicious methods to compromise authentication mechanisms and gain unauthorized access to customers’ online accounts.  Walters Bank & Trust wants to give you information to help protect yourself against ID theft.  While we cannot guarantee you will never be a victim of ID theft, the following tips may help minimize your exposure to these criminals.

  • Carefully choose a Passcode that is hard to guess. Do not use dictionary words.  You should not use words based on your name, address, or other personal information.  Use special characters to increase security.  Do not share your Passcode.  A Passcode should be changed immediately if you suspect your Passcode has been compromised.  You can do this at any time from the “User Services” menu after you log on to your online banking.
  • Walters Bank & Trust, nor its service provider, will NEVER contact you via telephone or email requesting personal information, your access code or Passcode.  Contact the bank if you are contacted by anyone requesting this information.  We recommend you always access our website using the same web address you normally use, rather than clicking a website address included in any email that you have not specifically requested be sent to you (such as “Notify me” selections).

For additional security information concerning Walters Bank & Trust online banking, click on the service agreement tab located at the bottom right side of the page after signing in on your Online Banking account.  You can also learn more about online safety and security at these websites:


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